Silver Spring Farmer’s Market is the place to be.

Downtown Silver Spring

You find the coolest things at the Silver Spring Farmer’s Market.

Those of you that are in the know, are aware that downtown Silver Spring Farmer’s Market is the place to be on Saturday mornings. I have to admit that I have been a little slow to the party but finally got down to the Silver Spring Farmer’s Market last week. It was a fine spring day and we took some out of town friends down for a morning of play and shopping. As far as markets go, this one is a fairly nice one-offering a variety of good food and drink with an emphasis on quality and environmentally friendly products. There are a lot of other wares for sale other than food, ranging from stained glass art to hand made drums.  The market is located on Ellsworth Drive between Fenton Street and Georgia avenue (where the fountain is) and is surprisingly open  year round. The hours are 10 AM to 1 PM from January to March and 9AM to 1 PM for the rest of the year. I have not seen it in the cold season but imagine that there is much more to see during the warmer months.

Dowtown Silver Spring Farmer's Market

Downtown Silver Spring, MD Farmer’s Market

There is a lot more going on at the market. Usually they have some sort of live music set up near the fountain and there are always a variety of street performers to keep you occupied. Our little friend Rubin thought that the juggler was the best but I will let you judge for yourself. Our seven year old friend who is a saver and very cautious with his money decided to invest $20 in a hand made drum. It was the perfect size for a little guy and I am sure that his parents were pleased as playing the drum was pretty much his focus for the rest of his visit with us. I have to admit that he was getting pretty good on it after a while, so perhaps we have germinated the seed of a budding musician. Biggest find for me was the quart of spiced, dill green beans, (better than pickles) and a trio of homemade sauces. (Buy three and get a discount!)

Juggler Silver Spring

A juggler entertains all comers at the farmer’s market in Silver Spring.

I never before gave much thought to who actually runs a farmers market but the Silver Spring Farmers Market is run by Fresh Farm Markets a company that runs over a dozen farmer’s markets in the Chesapeake region. Judging from the Silver Spring Farmer’s Market they are pretty competent at the job that they do. I highly recommend you pay a visit to the market one Saturday this summer. I think the we are going to be regulars from now on.

Yoga class in downtown Silver Spring

There is more going on than just the market.

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